1980, oh what a year

1980 was a big year of change for me and my family. One of those years where I could easily do a whole book just about that year. But here is what I broke it down to.

And as I said above it was hard to figure out what to put in just one page about 1980, so I did an alternate version.

Another thing I was doing with the Year 50 cards (back before, you know, everything went virus crazy) was seeing what they looked like in colour, on the suggestion of my pal Doug Savage.

Year 50 Begins

Next year I turn 50, and I decided to do a project to commemorate it, as I did with my Year 40 Project. My idea for this project is to draw a one page comic per week, for each year I have been alive. I’m not making any hard and fast rules for the content, but that is the idea. Each week I will also draw a card, related to what is going on this week. I have done this type of thing a few times in the past with a deck of tarot-esque cards in 1996 and two decks around my 30th birthday. So here are the first three weeks of the Year 50 Project.

Disclaimer: In this project, it is all my memories, and trying to adapt something of the year in question. I am not going to go crazy doing research beyond perhaps a “Do you remember this?” to my family. So the mistakes, inaccuracies and interpretations are on me.