Drawing Drought

I have finally been drawing this week, after one of my worst dry spells in a long long time. Now if I could just get going on some comic drawing.

I started teaching a class, Drawing for Comics, and I usually do some drawing myself as the class is drawing. So I did this quick little comic in pencil while I had them doing the same.


This ink wash drawing was done from a photo (maybe from pinterest?). I started it in the class and then went back and took my time to do it up right.

Ink Wash

This is a drawing I did to try to capture something I saw.

The Kid Forest

I found a set of creepy Halloween costumes from the first half of the 1900s, over at my go-to spot Vintage Everyday.

Old Time Halloween

Old Time Halloween 2

A scene from Victorian England, from a photo (probably pinterest again).

Victorian Alley Life

Last week there was an article being shared everywhere about scientists laying out how completely screwed we are regarding the climate. UN Says Climate Genocide Is Coming. It’s Actually Worse Than That. The same day I read that I happened to start reading a comic that was about post-apocalyptic scavengers, Land of the Sons by Gipi. And also the same day I started reading a book about post-apocalyptic scavengers, Borne by Jeff VanderMeer. So that inspired me to draw a forest fire.

Forest Fire

And other climate change enhanced disasters, like Typhoon Mangkhut.

Typhoon Mangkhut Aftermath