Some trees

It is a grey and rainy day (in Vancouver?!) and I should go outside. And instead of doing the things I should (should should should) I drew this road going through the trees. It is from a photo by Matt Emmett. It turns out I have done at least one other drawing from one of his photos. The damnable website pinterest often makes it difficult to figure out where photos came from, what they are exactly and so on.

Working backwards, almost a month ago I did a drawing of an abandoned Japanese train track. I have been teaching at Langara, and it is just one class but it seems to use up all my time.

Going further back in time, after the Dark Mega-j drawing in the previous post, I was inspired to do a couple more in that vein. Just this week I was pondering Halloween and thought maybe a return to Mega-j might be in order. Maybe a beaten to crap Dark Mega-j.