Outbreak Month

I have been drawing these Outbreak Diaries for a month now, just to try to track things as they changed. Hard to believe this has only gotten serious here in the past month. Drawing them is keeping me busy, and people seem to be responding to them. So will post them here and do a little catch-up. Keep in mind the dates, as these ones are from a month ago.

1980, oh what a year

1980 was a big year of change for me and my family. One of those years where I could easily do a whole book just about that year. But here is what I broke it down to.

And as I said above it was hard to figure out what to put in just one page about 1980, so I did an alternate version.

Another thing I was doing with the Year 50 cards (back before, you know, everything went virus crazy) was seeing what they looked like in colour, on the suggestion of my pal Doug Savage.