One Year Later

Oh look it is one year later, time for VanCAF again! I had a lovely time visiting family in Ontario, and then a good time at TCAF, seeing old pals. My big score at TCAF was Dave Lapp’s The Field. A really remarkable book, highly recommended. I am looking forward to getting these shows behind me and drawing some dang comics!

Here is me and my brother watching birds at Long Point.

Here is my haul from TCAF.

Here is where I will be at VanCAF.

I had to reprint Vinegar44: the Year 50 Project, and as a result the cover/inside cover is printed properly for the first time ever!

VanCAF 2023

Had a great weekend of VanCAF comics fun!

After a week of getting my new comics together, (so much printing, so much stapling) the weekend kicked off with the Special VanCAF Edition of the Vancouver Comic Jam. Lots of people came out, regulars and new folks. (So many pages drawn that I need to scan this week).

Then Saturday morning the show opened and right from when it opened at was BUSY. Not stop people all day, barely time to get to the washroom and fill up my water bottle. But it was great talking to many people and selling stuff. Realizing I didn’t bring enough True Loves. Getting many compliments on the fancy jacket Manien made for me.

Had a relaxing evening at home, then was back for more Sunday. It was busy too, busier than Sundays often are. But enough time for me to take a breath and eat my sandwich. More lovely people coming by to chat, check things out, buy books. I managed to rush around and buy a few things late in the afternoon.

My VanCAF 2023 Haul

Outbreak Diaries Launch

Hello! The Outbreak Diaries book is out! Very exciting to finally have it in hand. Manien and I sat and reread the whole thing, it does get a lot of what was going on. You can buy it here!

And this Saturday December 10, 2022, we are having a book launch at Lucky’s from 6:30 to 8:00. Come get a book signed and drawn in.

Oh the other big thing “recently” was that I got my Year 50 Cards printed up. They came out really great! I should put them in my store. But I only have 8 decks left.

VanCAF 2022

Oh hi there. Long time no post. I thought just to freshen the joint up I would share a couple of things. I am going to be at VanCAF May 21 and 22, table C2 in the fancy room at the Roundhouse in Yaletown. I will have three brand new books: Vinegar 43 – Where Do I Begin, the Sad Vampire collection and Vinegar 44 – The Year 50 Project. Over 150 pages of new comics!

Also there is currently a fundraiser being run by Cloudscape to fund the printing of the collection of my Outbreak Diaries. Again, well over 150 pages of dense comics following Manien and my experiences during the first year and a half of the covid. You can support the book here: