Year 50 Begins

Next year I turn 50, and I decided to do a project to commemorate it, as I did with my Year 40 Project. My idea for this project is to draw a one page comic per week, for each year I have been alive. I’m not making any hard and fast rules for the content, but that is the idea. Each week I will also draw a card, related to what is going on this week. I have done this type of thing a few times in the past with a deck of tarot-esque cards in 1996 and two decks around my 30th birthday. So here are the first three weeks of the Year 50 Project.

Disclaimer: In this project, it is all my memories, and trying to adapt something of the year in question. I am not going to go crazy doing research beyond perhaps a “Do you remember this?” to my family. So the mistakes, inaccuracies and interpretations are on me.

Some trees

It is a grey and rainy day (in Vancouver?!) and I should go outside. And instead of doing the things I should (should should should) I drew this road going through the trees. It is from a photo by Matt Emmett. It turns out I have done at least one other drawing from one of his photos. The damnable website pinterest often makes it difficult to figure out where photos came from, what they are exactly and so on.

Working backwards, almost a month ago I did a drawing of an abandoned Japanese train track. I have been teaching at Langara, and it is just one class but it seems to use up all my time.

Going further back in time, after the Dark Mega-j drawing in the previous post, I was inspired to do a couple more in that vein. Just this week I was pondering Halloween and thought maybe a return to Mega-j might be in order. Maybe a beaten to crap Dark Mega-j.

Sketchbook Down

That sketchbook took an unusual amount of time to finish. From July 2018 to September 2019. But it was a pretty turbulent period, so I guess that is not surprising.

My traditional final sketchbook drawing self portrait. I should press harder with my pencil crayons, as the actual drawing is a lot lighter than this pumped up scan.

One of my last drawings in the sketchbook was this ridiculous Dark Knight Returns Mega-j. But it seemed relevant.

Drawing Things

As I try to get myself rolling on my next comic projects, I look for stuff to draw, so I am in drawing mode. I always enjoy drawing rickety, run down, overgrown buildings, and found a few photos to draw from.

I was having a shower listening to some old ska, and thought hey I should draw some of those Jamaican ska pioneers. It turns out that the internet is reluctant to share pictures of them!