Year 50 Begins

Next year I turn 50, and I decided to do a project to commemorate it, as I did with my Year 40 Project. My idea for this project is to draw a one page comic per week, for each year I have been alive. I’m not making any hard and fast rules for the content, but that is the idea. Each week I will also draw a card, related to what is going on this week. I have done this type of thing a few times in the past with a deck of tarot-esque cards in 1996 and two decks around my 30th birthday. So here are the first three weeks of the Year 50 Project.

Disclaimer: In this project, it is all my memories, and trying to adapt something of the year in question. I am not going to go crazy doing research beyond perhaps a “Do you remember this?” to my family. So the mistakes, inaccuracies and interpretations are on me.


Spring is springing in Vancouver. Leaves a-poppin’. Blossoms a-blossin’. Manien in her gardens. Birds getting excitable.

I have been drawing away. Some cat comics. Getting moving on my Crying issue of Vinegar. Yes I’m doing it (Is anyone going to want to read this thing?) . Here are a few pages of tears, and a couple of off brand cat comics.

Cats and Teeth

Once I finish the few cat comics I have ready to ink I will have 11 pages I think, which makes me feel good, puts me on a good track for having a book of cat comics for VanCAF in May. Also there is an issue of Vinegar I just need to finish up. I will likely indulge myself and collect the Blue-per Planet comics too. And besides the funny stuff there is the Vinegar I want to pull together about all the stuff that makes me cry. The problem with that one is that I start crying when I try to draw them! I have also been having some lovely horrible dental encounters this month and am tempted to try to pull them into a book of some kind. So that should keep me out of trouble for the next few months.

I like to put titles on everything, but I’m not sure all these cat comics need titles. Also I need to get a new date stamper! It is almost March!