Drawing Things

As I try to get myself rolling on my next comic projects, I look for stuff to draw, so I am in drawing mode. I always enjoy drawing rickety, run down, overgrown buildings, and found a few photos to draw from.

I was having a shower listening to some old ska, and thought hey I should draw some of those Jamaican ska pioneers. It turns out that the internet is reluctant to share pictures of them!

In Between Days

After getting three comics together for VanCAF, I am left feeling very Between Projects. So I was looking for something to draw and came across a photo of Joseph and Eva Beuys. That led me to other photos of old artists and writers. Some great faces out there. Like most of these drawings I do from photos, all of these were done straight to ink, so if they come out a little off, so be it.


Spring is springing in Vancouver. Leaves a-poppin’. Blossoms a-blossin’. Manien in her gardens. Birds getting excitable.

I have been drawing away. Some cat comics. Getting moving on my Crying issue of Vinegar. Yes I’m doing it (Is anyone going to want to read this thing?) . Here are a few pages of tears, and a couple of off brand cat comics.